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Lorenzo was born in 1976 and started
to play guitar at 14 years old, his main influences count
bands like Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin,  Lynch Mob,
Toto, just to mention a few...
After high school he went to study guitar at
'Lizard Modern Music Accademy' in Florence,
where he attempted the Michael "OBI WAN" Mellner
classes (Michael is truly the best music teacher
in the world!!!!!!!!)
In February 1997 ,Lorenzo becomes a Lizard graduate
with honours and soon after a Lizard instructor.




"...high groove, great technique, Lorenzo is a very good player!"  

Chitarre music magazine

"Lorenzo' s playn' is great!"  

Brett Garsed

"... quite impressive stuff! Very clean and precise, with a good sense of control and phrasing. "

Troy Stetina